Decorate your outdoor party with butterflies

When we are in the warmer seasons and we have an outdoor space, it is best to organize the parties there.


Be birthday parties, baptisms, meetings between friends, etc. We can do everything outside of the house and make those meetings or parties memorable moments. But of course, like any party or meeting, in addition to food and drink, decoration is very important.
A party without decoration allusive does not end up being a party and even more so when there are children involved.
This time we bring you a delicate and original idea. You can use it for a birthday or a baptism and also for the meetings you have at home. And if you have a better pergola on your patio or terrace. You can use it for your special decoration.
The idea is to make the butterflies the basis or theme of your decoration. They are easy to do and you can do them with the help of your children.
To start you must make a butterfly mold, depending on the size you need. Then you must get the following materials:


  • Cardboards or colored papers with motives like flowers.
  • Scissors.
  • Plastic or adhesive tape.
  • Pencil.
  • Paper lamps.
Make and cut the number of butterflies you need. Cut and paste the lamps and cut other more for the decoration of the glasses.
When you have decorated lamps, you should hang them and place the number of butterflies you want, there can be several so you make it more visible and attractive.


Then, with the butterflies that you cut for the glasses, you should make them in the center a double cut, so that you can pass through them the light bulbs or straws for the glasses. Another idea, if you do not want to use straws or light bulbs is to attach the butterflies to the glasses.
You can also decorate the napkin rings with butterflies and look for tablecloths to the tone of the butterflies you make.
We hope you like the idea and you can use it ...

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