Decorate your living for Christmas

The most beautiful time of the year is here ... just around the corner. And everyone is thinking about the decoration of the house and how they organize family gatherings. We can take care of one space at a time and thus get a Christmas decoration beautiful and balanced ... without spending our entire budget. The living room is one of those protagonist spaces where the center of the Christmas decoration is usually. Occupying each of the details and integrating them into the spaces without modifying our room is a super important and at the same time fun task. Today we will see some ideas to decorate our living for Christmas and not die in the attempt, what do you think?

Decorate your living for Christmas

This living already have the red details all year. Decorating it for Christmas is super easy. When the time comes for the holidays, we only add some Christmas stockings or boots in tune with the cushions and the sofa, we hang a crown with red ribbons and a Christmas tree with classic details The decoration is ready!

Decorate your living for Christmas 1

It is good to keep in mind that choosing a simple decoration when we choose the main color for a stay is important. In this case, a living room in white and beige. we add a white tree, covers of chairs and objects with assorted candies give us a nice and clean feeling in the decoration. And as an additional, decorating the tree with ornaments in a palette of light colors makes the perfect complement.

Decorate your living for Christmas 2

To combine! A more classic style in the decoration of the house, with traditional Christmas complements. Stockings, pillows and decorations with a retro air combine perfectly and return to this more cozy room. Adding some cute Easter flowers in a jar will give you a natural detail.

Decorate your living for Christmas 3

A Christmas living room with clean lines and patterns, a natural tree decorated in a classic style. And other things we can do is add textures to the decoration: a clear example is the garland of pompoms and knitted stockings or Christmas boots.

Decorate your living for Christmas 4

Field air for this living room and its Christmas decoration. A natural tree and only decorated with ribbons and flowers. To take advantage of and highlight the fireplace and the sofa: vases of tulips, bulbous vases on the mantelpiece, cushions with sequins and a crown hanging over the fireplace. A discreet and elegant decoration inspired by nature.

Decorate your living for Christmas 5

More modern and eclectic ... this decoration is surprising since it is integrated with Christmas in a simple and natural way. Paintings and works of art made by the owner of the house are combined with the modern cushions of the sofa, the vase full of amaryllis and the classic Christmas tones along with the ornaments of the tree in red, white and gold tones.

Decorate your living for Christmas 6

Christmas decoration does not need to be exaggerated. And in this house they have taken it to the "letter" ... have added touches of red and green to your living room and retro air and worn to give a classic Christmas touch.

Decorate your living for Christmas 7

The classic decoration in its purest state with a base of beige and wonderful toasted. They combine with the traditional Christmas air of this decoration in golden and green tones.

Decorate your living for Christmas 8

Fun and bright! The color gives life to this Christmas decoration out of the ordinary. Turquoise, fuchsia, greens, divine and unconventional colors instead of a traditional look! All combining with the comfortable turquoise that this living room already had.

Decorate your living for Christmas 9

Two different details to decorate Christmas: ornaments in silver and wood.

Decorate your living for Christmas 10

And the changes are always good. Two bright white trees with galvanized sheet supports are balanced with the gray tones of the rest of the room.

Decorate your living for Christmas 11

Details that we can add to a room in nuetros colors: a striking color candelabra and contrasting ornaments. We can make the mantelpiece look full with a fresh evergreen garland along with miniature gnomes, red mushrooms and little mice and other Christmas details. Achieving contrast is the key to this idea.

Decorate your living for Christmas 12

Red, white and blue are not colors just for summer. We can also combine them to decorate Christmas and even in nautical air. How? With textures and designs like the stripes ...

Decorate your living for Christmas 13

Here is a proof that Christmas decoration does not have to be exaggerated. In a simple way we can decorate the living and without effort. A simple but combined tree, wreath and crown.

Decorate your living for Christmas 14

A Christmas with country air! In a rustic-looking home, a Christmas decoration with natural inspiration is required. Adding something green (real or artificial) along the shelves for a subtle but festive appearance that you will not want to remove the rest of the year.

Decorate your living for Christmas 15

Classic Christmas! And with the color red for a festive and traditional decoration. The poinsettia is perfect for this. Combined with a classic tree, they take this white-walled room to Christmas stardom.

Decorate your living for Christmas 16

The curtains in gold tone of this living room look as if they were made for Christmas when we accentuated them with a simple crown and a tree. And to add a more cozy detail, blankets woven on sofas.

Decorate your living for Christmas 17

For a happy, fun and colorful Christmas! Everything in this room is cheerful, striking Christmas boots, bright tree ornaments, Christmas figures, are complemented by the orange sofa and pink, blue and yellow cushions. Even with the Christmas wreath on the fireplace decorated with colorful ribbons. Beautiful!

Decorate your living for Christmas 18

And for this last idea, Christmas is a great beach party! A cart with drinks and ready for the seasonal party in a Christmas room full of warm and welcoming accents. A large red wreath to indicate the mood, while the racks with wool and flannels with embroidery from the mantelpiece give it unique details. A truly different Christmas!

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