Decorate your living and dining room with yellow

In the living room and in the dining room, yellow is a tone that adapts naturally to these spaces thanks to the light it provides. We can use it to introduce a small note of color through an accessory, a specific object or the coloring of a specific piece of furniture.

interiors in yellow 1

In all its ranges, yellow will enhance the luminosity of spaces as welcoming as these and where we tend to spend part of our leisure time, such as a living room and a dining room.

interiors in yellow 2

It is a color that we can combine with many other tones, from neutral tones, which will add light and a very characteristic energy, such as white, a color that provides the necessary warmth and together they build such special spaces and beautiful as those we are going to see.

interiors in yellow 3

interiors in yellow 4

interiors in yellow 5

interiors in yellow 6

Other beautiful tones with which the house yellow very well are blue, green and earth tones (brown and beige), which divinely accompanies in its softest range.

interiors in yellow 7

interiors in yellow 8

interiors in yellow 9

interiors in yellow 10

interiors in yellow 11

The yellow will transmit an energy and a vividness that we can use to enhance different aspects of a living room or a dining room, making these housing spaces more dynamic, more welcoming.

interiors in yellow 12

interiors in yellow 13

From the softness of a wall painted a light yellow to the flash of light from a yellow canary accessory (it can be a cushion, a chair, an auxiliary piece of furniture or the lampshade), one thing is clear: this color in its doses adjusted can be an excellent contribution to the style of a room, transforming its four walls into a beautiful and comfortable place.

interiors in yellow 14

interiors in yellow 15


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