Decorate your house with the colorful Pop Art

Now that fashion is the iconic furniture of the middle of the last century and everything of that time we can complete the decoration with themes inspired by the pop art . This artistic trend, with its rich color and its clear and precise line will fit well in any modern or contemporary decoration. We are going to see a dozen proposals that will help you to be inspired and to be able to introduce a touch of color and freshness to your decoration.


The works of Roy Lichtenstein y Andy Warhol They are the basis for many of these decorations. We can find them in numerous supports from more or less typical reproductions to other more original ones in wallpaper and vinyls. As for the dependencies you will see that they can be entered in any.


Sometimes it is not necessary to resort to the familiar and super-known works but simply to use the colors and designs characteristic of pop art.


Another possibility is to give a pop art effect to our portraits. Very original finishes are obtained that can decorate any room of the house.


A minimalist atmosphere is enriched by the vivid colors of a work inspired by this artistic trend.


The decorative vinyl open us many possibilities to introduce pop art in any decoration of our home.


A blank canvas on which to paint rich contrasts of color with all the inspiration of pop art and psychedelia.


And there is no need to resort to expensive reproductions or luxury furniture. Pop art can be introduced easily and cheaply without having to make large investments.


Pop art helps us create relaxed and relaxed spaces, fun and at the same time very elegant.


An industrial and eclectic environment in which the pop art style picture brings character and personality.


Pop art, in any of its aspects, is a very good excuse to introduce striking colors in any decoration.


Color but also contrast as we see in this living room. The furniture is neutral and quite classic style but the posters, posters and reproductions hung on the wall give the whole life and personality.


Art is always a good inspiration and pop art is a style that despite its years is still very topical.

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