Decorate your home with the beauty of indigo color

Indigo, indigo or glasto as it was also known in the past are three plants from which the dye was extracted to dye fabrics in this shade of dark blue. It is a Mediterranean color par excellence that is lavished on the traditional decoration of the riverside countries of this old inland sea so full of history. Isaac Newton gave this color scientific entity to call as indigo the darker stripe of blue. But what we are interested in this time is how we can use the Indigo color in home decoration.


We must also bear in mind that there are different shades of indigo and allows us to create very diverse decorations. From the deepest and most serious to other very bright and relaxing.


It also has its elegant side of course but a quiet elegance, like relaxed and of a certain seafaring air.


The indigo or indigo shades closest to the purple color are elegant and bold. A slight extravagance that can be somewhat shocking to some people.



Gray and white combine perfectly with the deepest shades of indigo color, creating a very personal combination of great character.



For boho chic, vintage, unfinished or ethnic styles the indigo is phenomenal and develops its best face. Although of course it is a personal opinion that admits any other possibility.



Notice the great versatility of the indigo color from the most informal to the most serious decoration. The marine environments without the indigo color can not be totally understood because it refers us to the deep blue of the high seas.



Two examples of the magnificent combination of indigo and gray. It is perfect both for youth environments and for environments of modern elegance and functionality.




Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, are some of the rooms that we can decorate with this old color.



As a contrast color or as predominant or background, in any situation and role the indigo color will allow us to create relaxed spaces that will allow us to enjoy a restful sleep or a quiet conversation.

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