Decorate your home with succulents

Many times you have thought of introducing living plants into the decoration of your home and have abandoned the idea to take into account their care and maintenance. But surely you have also seen that in the current decoration are used a lot of curious and elegant plants that can be placed anywhere. The succulents or succulents are these great allies of the decorator.

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They are plants that can be used in isolation, in groups, horizontally and vertically. They are very resistant plants that practically endure everything but a couple of things that we will see later. You can get wonderful decorations with them like this vertical garden of succulents that you see in the photo above.

Decorate with succulents 2

Decorate with succulents 3

You have also heard about the terrariums, those curious miniature gardens that are mounted inside a glass container, well also here the succulents will be your best option.

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In classic containers, pots, or taking advantage of any other we can create beautiful combinations mixing varied species of these beautiful crasuláceas. Succulents need an adequate means to develop, the best substrate we can use for them will be found in specialized stores as a substrate for cactus and succulents. Both types of plants share many needs and cares so we can also combine them with each other.

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Decorate with succulents 7

We can experiment with total tranquility and choose original containers for our succulents, they are accustomed in the natural life to grow on a bit of earth accumulated in a small crack of a rock.

Decorate with succulents 8

Decorate with succulents 9

Decorate with succulents 10

With these plants of varied appearance we can create beautiful arrangements that we will install anywhere in the house whenever it is sufficiently bright. The succulents need sunlight to develop properly but often a direct exposure to the sun is not the most desirable as it causes a change in color. This is what happens to light green succulent species when they are in direct sunlight for a long time.

Decorate with succulents 11

Garnish with succulents 12

Stones and succulent plants are a perfect decorative solution that is also ideal for plants. With a cover of decorative stones we will not only increase the visual impact of our arrangement, we will also be protecting the substrate so that the moisture it contains does not evaporate too quickly.

Decorate with succulents 13

Decorate with succulents 14

It is terribly easy to decorate with these plants specialized in accumulating water in their leaves and stems. They are very resistant and will only need a watering when the substrate is well dried. We should not water them in excess or let water accumulate in their pots, excessive humidity is usually their biggest enemy. So we have to provide them with good drainage.

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