Decorate your home with stripes

The stripes they have a presence and grant the decor a personal and elegant style. Encouraging to use them is a decision, but if you want to renew your home and transform it completely, they can be your allies. In black and white or combined with bright colors and very lively. Only you can choose the style that you like most in them.

Decorate Stripes

Decorate stripes - Proposal 1

You can use floors and coverings, painted, on fabrics, on wallpaper, on accessories decor , in furniture, and others. There is a wide variety of options to introduce them into decor and achieve that "shock" effect that will leave anyone who enters your home without words.
But you must take into account two points when decorating with stripes. If the stripes that you choose are wide and are in colors like white and black, visually you will end up creating a gray that in a few minutes will already seem boring. It is a visual effect that occurs between both colors. In that case it would be good to combine strip thicknesses so that this does not happen.

Decorate striped

Decorate stripes - Proposal 2

Decorate striped 1

Decorate stripes - Proposition 3

And, if you decide to combine the black and white colors in stripes you can cut them and give them even more life and prominence introducing in the space in which you have applied objects or furniture in bright color and cut to the stripes such as orange, yellow , fuchsia, blue, green and even some brown.

Decorate striped 2

Decorate stripes - Proposition 4

Decorate striped 3

Decorate stripes - Proposition 5

But there is always the option to combine other colors in the stripes. And it can even be three colors that you combine at the same time. It's just a matter of encouraging yourself to do it.

Decorate striped 4

Decorate stripes - Proposition 6

Stripes and more stripes !!! To enjoy all kinds of accessories and decoration! What chic !!!

Photos: Chic-Deco

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