Decorate your home with coral color

It may not be a well-known or popular color but nobody can deny that it is not a Attractive and vital color that can cheer up any environment with only a small portion of it. It is defined as a semi-dark red color and its inspiration comes from the skeletons of the corals that inhabit, less and less unfortunately, the seabed of the Mediterranean Sea. It is therefore a color that will be familiar to the inhabitants of the shores of this ancient sea, cradle of the oldest civilizations.

Coral color 1

They exist anyway Various color shades coral, you will hear also about the coral pink that is a little clearer. It is a color that will combine perfectly , in any of its tonalities, in decorated environments in Nordic or minimalist style . It looks great with white and wood as you can see in the image above.

Coral color 2

Coral color 3

Coral pink can be perfectly combined with other, more vivid colors that will produce a very nice contrast because in its softer tones it will be acting almost as a neutral color.

Coral color 4

Coral color 5

Coral color 6

Coral color 7

And as you are seeing it can be perfect in any room of the house. It is a very pragmatic color that can be introduced in the living room, the bedroom, the children's room and in any room of the house.

Coral color 8

Even at the entrance to the house if we want to make a difference and that our house is different, more cheerful and fun, elegant and sophisticated from the first look.

Coral color 9

Coral color 10

Coral color 11

Using the coral color in the bedding is a fantastic way to investigate and explore the possibilities of color without fear that later we may not like it. In addition it is always the easiest way to introduce any new color in a decoration.

Coral color 12

Coral color 13

Coral color 14

Whatever system you use to play with this beautiful color you will not be disappointed. And now it is a fashionable color present in many environments thanks to having been chosen color of the year 2015 by the Pantone company.

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