Decorate your home with burlap cloth

The burlap cloth is an eco-friendly and low budget material that is often used when someone wants to add a rustic and cozy touch. You can definitely use it for decorating your house and it can serve you in many vintage, industrial, rustic, shabby chic and some other styles. Decorate your home with burlap cloth following the proposals that accompany.

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Burlap curtains are easy to sew and can be complemented with sophisticated accessories like this string of pearls.



These simple curtains made with burlap cloth are super easy to make and look great.


Or this rustic curtain, its elaboration does not even need a sewing machine or any kind of sewing.


But the burlap cloth has other more complex uses as fabric for upholstering furniture.


Either a shabby chic style sofa or a simple ottoman.


Or even a pillow, still easier to prepare.


Here we see a good combination, pillows with jute fabric and an interwoven wooden basket.


The proposals are very varied and can be adapted to multiple decorative styles.


The table is another important field where the burlap fabric can give us a lot of play. This table runner topped with lace is a curious and elegant mix.


A tablecloth with ruffles like this may be a risky proposition but it may look good.


But there are much more prosaic ideas such as these beautiful bags for cutlery.


Or these simple but elegant place mats.


Burlap cloth has many possibilities both inside and outside the home.


The crowns for the door with natural materials are very well with some complement in burlap cloth.


And for the interior of the home we can also use the burlap cloth as a background for the frames for example.


Or in the bedroom as a headboard, an idea as ingenious and simple as decorative.

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