Decorate your home with baskets of ethnic style

Baskets, baskets and other objects made with vegetable fibers is a fantastic way to decorate our home or a room of it without making a large investment. They are usually economic and there is a huge variety depending on the different regions or countries of origin of these supplements. Although in their day they were born with a purely practical objective it is true that the artisans always tried to give them a design that turned out to be attractive.

Ethnic baskets 1

We can find them in many colors, shapes and sizes. And they can be used to decorate a wall, a table or any other piece of furniture or space.

Ethnic baskets 2

The baskets or baskets allow us to decorate both thinking about color and shape. For a decoration in rustic style, vintage or as a contrasting element in any other style are great accessories.

Ethnic baskets 3

Ethnic baskets 4

Ethnic baskets 5

Ethnic baskets 6

As you will appreciate in the images that we accompany, we can create large combinations of baskets that will allow us to decorate large wall spaces in an elegant and light way.

Ethnic baskets 7

Ethnic baskets 8

Ethnic baskets 9

The possibilities that they present to us are endless and we can base them on bright colors, others on textures and we can also search and combine them by the origin points of the baskets. Surely close to any of us there are local producers who will work these products as it was many centuries ago. In the solidarity stores we will also find beautiful handicrafts from distant countries and at the same time with their acquisition we will be helping the non-governmental organizations that work in those countries.

Ethnic baskets 10

Ethnic baskets 11

Ethnic baskets 12

And of course another way to get a good number of these copies is to acquire them in our trips around the world or we can entrust them to our relatives or friends when they take a trip. Of course if we can choose the first form is the most joyful.

Ethnic baskets 13

Ethnic baskets 14

We hope you have given enough reasons for you to decide for these ancient decorative accessories at the time of making some change or transformation in the decoration of your home.

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