Decorate your garden with wooden pergolas

If you have a garden or a large terrace, you surely want to take advantage of every corner. In the market, you will find many elements to take advantage of, and when you choose them you should not forget to acquire some that help you have a protected area to have shade in the hours when the sun is shining. The wooden pergolas They can be ideal for this and, in addition, they provide that rusticity that we love so much.

Decorate your garden with wooden pergolas

The pergolas are structures made with wood , although they can also be made with other materials such as aluminum, which have vertical columns and longitudinal beams that help us define a space, either on the terrace or in the garden. Even these structures can be attached to the house to create a porch, although the most common is to see independent wooden pergolas .

Where can I put the wooden pole?

Decorate your garden with wooden pergolas 1

If you liked the idea of have a wooden pergola in your garden or terrace , you should think about where you should best install it. Many people put it next to the pool, on the porch or in a passage area. There are also those who place it in a corner to make a dining room and enjoy with the family.

As you can see, there are many possibilities, so it is important to think about the position of the sun with respect to the place you have available to know how to orient it and that it does not generate shade where you want the sun to be. That way, you can get the most out of it.

How to decorate the space that is below?

Decorate your garden with wooden pergolas 2

There are many possibilities to decorate the space that is under the pergola, although, usually, they usually add outdoor sofas, as well as cushions, a small table in the center and hanging plants. If you have a large family, you can create a dining room. Choose wooden or wicker furniture that matches the color of the pergola and look for colorful elements, since this area is usually used mostly in summer. On the other hand, do not forget install lights or garlands , in case you want to use the corner at night.

Remember that this structure is usually in the face of inclement weather, therefore, the ideal is that you add an awning or a climbing plant that may come to cover it completely. However, with this last will take much longer to create protection. If you do not want to deal with their care, decide for a glass pergola .

Decorate your garden with wooden pergolas 3

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