Decorate your garden with mirrors

Most of us would like to have a huge garden in their house but we have to settle for small gardens. And the inhabitants of the big cities above all must conform many times with micro-gardens surrounded by high walls. They thus become truly oppressive outdoor spaces. Let's see how we can improve these small gardens using a common resource in interior decoration, mirrors.

Mirrors in the garden 1

Place one or more large mirrors next to the garden table It will expand the visual and reflect the light of the candles in a very pleasant way.

Mirrors in the garden 2

If we mount vertically mirrors we will increase the height sensation and if we hang them horizontally they will give us feeling of spaciousness . We must always ensure that they are fully glued to the wall because if they are left with an inclination downwards the effect will be the opposite of the one sought, it will seem that the garden is smaller when reflecting the ground.

Mirrors in the garden 3

A mirror with a suitable frame can create the feeling of being a door or a window with which the view is significantly enlarged.

Mirrors in the garden 4

Use small mirrors to create vivid pictures that will reflect flowers or other plants at interesting angles. These mirror tiles can be made easily by cutting acrylic mirror plates with a hacksaw.

Mirrors in the garden 5

Elegant frames will help us to decorate in addition to the advantages of which we have spoken. Our little garden will be very interesting.

Mirrors in the garden 6

The right frame and a proper staging can create false doors of great beauty as in the photo above.

Mirrors in the garden 7

There are many ways to use the mirrors in the garden and it will always give us a good result whatever the desired effect. And it is a resource that will not give a big bite to our family budget.

Mirrors in the garden 8

Placed as you can see in the image above, in front of a small pond, will give us a nice and relaxing feeling of having a fountain or a large pond.

Mirrors in the garden 9

Mirrors in the garden 10

Mirrors in the garden 11

A great resource, the use of mirrors in your garden, that you can carry out in many and varied ways. The result will be magnificent whatever the style or way of using the mirrors in your garden.

Mirrors in the garden 12

Mirrors in the garden 13

Mirrors in the garden 14

When the mirror you are going to use is under any type of cover, that is, not totally exposed to the elements, we can use any type of ordinary mirror. On the other hand, when this is not the case and the mirror is exposed to the sun, rain and other inclement weather, we will have to protect it with an epoxy resin or use acrylic crystals from outside.

Mirrors in the garden 15

We hope that our tips will help you to improve the decoration of your beloved but small garden. As you can see the possibilities are endless and you can start from very low budgets.


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