Decorate your chairs for Christmas

The date of the holidays is approaching and, in addition to thinking about the guests, the food, the gifts ... we have to think about the decoration.

Decorate your chairs for Christmas 1

A home without Christmas decoration will make our party lacks something very essential. Therefore, today we bring you an elegant and easy idea that will serve to decorate your table and distinguish between your guests.
It's easy to do and you can give your own touch to this chair decoration. You can combine this detail with napkins to tone, some candles in red, white, gold and green. You can also add the cup markers that we presented to you days ago. Everything depends on your taste and money available for decoration.
The materials that you will need to decorate the chairs are:
  • Red bow of about 10 centimeters wide and about 2 meters per chair.
  • A pine cone and some pine twigs for each of the chairs.
  • Balls of the small tree (Christmas decorations) preferably of silver or gold color.
  • Silicone gun or similar glue.
To decorate your chairs you must wait to do it hours before the meeting and you can ask your children to help you.

Decorate your chairs for Christmas 2

To decorate the chairs you must, first of all, tie the red bow at a medium height of the back of the chair making two knots, one on top of the other.
Then, just above the two knots you must paste the pineapple, the ball and the pine twig. To do this you must use the silicone gun indicated above. You just have to be careful not to burn yourself or stain the rest of the tape or elements.
A simple decoration and to show off.


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