Decorate with vintage wall clocks

The Wall clocks They are jewels for our decoration, in addition to how useful they are in the day to day. These spherical pieces of wall channel attention and mark the passage of our life from its privileged position. They are the guardians of time and also a fetish object for many collectors.

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Where can you locate them? Any place in the house where we make life is a good place to hang a watch, because this is an object that never clashes. And will not clash in decorative styles apparently as disparate as the rustic, the modern, the minimalist or the ethnic. The beauty of an era clock does not distinguish styles, blending with the environment in a natural way.

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You can place a single clock or liven up the wall with a few, the way collage, Especially if you are a lover of art pieces. In both cases, the surface you use will be revalued, as we show you in this gallery of selected images.

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