Decorate with textures and fabrics

Fabrics are of great importance in decoration. They are an auxiliary element, a decorative complement of the first order that allow us to work the decoration of our home in depth and are very adaptable to the budget that we have.

Fabrics and textures 1

When we talk about fabrics and carpets, the market offers us such variety that it will be difficult not to find something that suits our personal circumstances.

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Fabrics and textures 3

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The carpets have a very important role because in addition to providing color they allow us to play with different textures. The warmth is another of its great virtues, real warmth to cover the cold soil in winter but also psychological warmth that makes us feel more sheltered.

Fabrics and textures 5

Fabrics and textures 6

With these examples that we show you can get an idea of ​​the importance of carpets. We can take advantage of all its advantages in color and texture in any room of the house.

Fabrics and textures 7

Textiles and textures 8

Fabrics and textures 9

But of course the textile for home decoration is not reduced to carpets. There are many other decorative accessories that are made with fabrics. Bedspreads and other bedding, covers for pillows and cushions, curtains, plaids and blankets for the sofa ... well the list would be endless.

Fabrics and textures 10

Textiles and textures 11

Textiles and textures 12

Fabrics and textures 13

There are infinite solutions and in this article we can only show you a brief example, but surely these images will give you many ideas to improve the decoration of your home using these great accessories.

Fabrics and textures 14

Fabrics and textures 15

Fabrics and textures 16

The truth is that the feeling of a thick carpet on which to lie down is something insurmountable. Another thing is the tastes and needs of each and the practical aspect of the decoration we want.

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