Decorate with sliced ​​logs sliced

The tree trunks cut into slices or slices, also the branches can serve, have the ability to create a rustic and natural air in the decoration of any environment. Here we present several decorative solutions based on the use of slices of the trunk. The range of possibilities is immense and can be used for almost anything. From wall covering to coasters, the limit is not to exceed its use, in a room we can not put too many objects made with this material, with one or two coarse.

Decorate with trunks 1

A slice of trunk painted with slate paint will be a decorative and practical object of first level. A phrase, a memory or a simple reminder note for our children or our partner will be a fantastic message.

Decorating with trunks 2

Decorating with trunks 9

Both to decorate simply and for practical use, as is the case of the coat rack we see above, the slices of trunk on a wooden board provide that asymmetrical beauty that characterizes them.

Decorating with logs 10

To decorate the wall of the headboard of the bed we can add color to those slices of the trunk. They will be like focal points that will attract the eye, points of light, flashes of color.

Decorating with trunks 11

Taking advantage of the metallic legs of an old stool and a good slice of trunk and we will have a rustic and natural auxiliary table, with an industrial touch. All an example of pure eclectic decoration.

Decorating with logs 12

To frame a mirror, a good selection of slices of small trunks or branches will form a wonderful natural frame. In short, the logs and sliced ​​tree branches can be used for any object or decorative element. A touch of nature at home is never wrong.


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