Decorate with rugs in a different way

We show you in this article a very different way of decorating with rugs. Different because we are not going to give them the use to which they are intended, to cover the floor of the different rooms of the house, on the contrary we will give them a totally decorative use and will be destined to cover various furniture or decorative elements.

Different carpets for home 1

Used as a kind of tablecloth, they will allow us to cover an old or new piece of furniture that, for whatever reason, we are a little tired of seeing it. Covering it with a beautiful carpet we will achieve a total transformation of the room. Logically we can not do this with any type of carpet, the typical wool carpets thick, rigid and heavy. This way of decorating with rugs is reserved for light cotton rugs that can be molded on any surface. In these photographs we show you compositions made with durian carpets from India and suzani carpets typical of the tribes of Central Asia.

Different carpets for the home 2

We can even use them as pillow cases, this type of rugs are very light and moldable and allow these uses. We can also use any type of light carpet, although these are not wonders of the East.

Different carpets for home 3

Its colorful designs allow us to make all kinds of decorations, this time we see that the carpet is used as a bedspread and its design is linked to that of the bench at the foot of the bed.

Different carpets for home 4

The versatility of these cotton rugs is evident in the upper photograph, where one covers the floor and another adorns the wicker chair.

Different carpets for home 5

The colorful and geometric designs of these rugs allow us to create fantastic decorations for a living room. Even the coffee table can be covered with one of these rugs and create a fantastic set.


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