Decorate with natural plants

The pace of modern cities and how they are organized have forced to change the way of life. The garden, which historically was a place almost as important as the residence itself, has been disappearing at the same time as the cities grew.

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In substitution of this small natural space, the houses and flats have been filled with natural plants that try to recover and imitate the idea of ​​a garden. We must not forget that we are part of nature and that the relationship with it is beneficial to us. For this reason, we will let the plants be part of our life: they will thank us by invading the corners of our home with colors and aromas.
Plants are living beings that require care and, in return, compensate us by growing and filling our house with nature.
Some types of plants are used for decoration, like ficus, but we should not limit ourselves to them. As with the rest of the objects that decorate our home, we will choose those plants that best respond to our tastes and the environment we wish to create. When we choose a plant we must take into account that it is a living being that grows and changes. The specialists inform us about the species, the color of its flowers, whether it grows vertically or horizontally, the right place to place it, as well as the care and needs to provide a favorable environment.
Do not forget either the importance of the bouquets of natural flowers, because, although these are ephemeral, allow us to decorate a space or a table with a fescura that we will not get with any other decorative element.
In conclusion, what you should do with the plants is:
  • Choose the plants according to the conditions of the space where you are going to place them.
  • Provide them with the care they need. You must bear in mind that they are living beings and that they depend on your care.
  • Decorate the spaces of the house with plants as a substitute for the garden and as a link with nature.

What you should never do is:

  • Place natural plants in spaces without natural light or ventilation; Remember that they are living beings.
  • Put the plants near sources of heat, since the latter dry the environment.
  • Use natural plants in the rooms. At night they will consume oxygen from the air, which can affect who sleeps there.

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