Decorate with mirrors

If we want decorate with mirrors and illuminate with them the rooms of our house, we have to take into account the size of these and their location. It is logical to place mirrors in places where we need to see our image, such as the bathroom or the bedroom. On other occasions we place them to decorate a certain area of ​​the house, such as the hall or the living room. The Mirrors They give more life to the rooms and amplify the spaces thanks to the depth of field they create. A large wall mirror can double the dimensions of the place.

Decorate with mirrors 1

It is also important to know what environments will be reflected in them. We will not obtain the same effect, for example, if a bare wall is reflected if a nice clock, an ancient ornament or a plant is reflected on its surface. By placing the mirror near a light source, such as a window or a lamp, we will obtain better lighting, since the Mirrors they become reflectors of light. Another great idea is to fill a whole wall with small mirrors.

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The Mirrors They do not have to go with the rest of the furniture. We can use modern mirrors or mirrors with Baroque inspired forms. With simple frames, square or rectangular, or other much more innovative models. Do not fear to risk in this sense, since the presence of these will bring fresh air to the place.

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