Decorate with Metals (Part III)

To continue and finish with the previous posts, today we bring you the third and last part of the decoration with metals.


Satiny or very bright, these tones coat and shape the furniture and objects, making them stand out and shine to the fullest.
Although at the beginning we mentioned that the ideal place for these details is the kitchen, you can also use them in the bathrooms and in the studio.
Even in the room you can have a metallic fireplace that will give a very contemporary touch, as we show you in the photos.
It is such a modern proposal that it is very characteristic of the houses and apartments of young people. In addition, it is neither very masculine nor very feminine. For this reason, it is easy to combine with any material and the possibilities are multiple. It's all a matter of applying a bit of creativity, thinking about what's best for you, and looking in the shops for every detail so you can start to metallize your house.
A service cart or a kitchen cabinet, like an oven, will always look good in a metallic tone.


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