Decorate with metals (Part II)

Continuing with our previous post, today we bring you the second part of the decoration with metals.
They are steel, aluminum and tin materials that give the right effect to achieve the touch of brightness and modernity that gives the metal.


From a piece of furniture to a service cart, or a kitchen bench in shades of metallic materials can make a difference in the decoration of your home.
If you have the possibility, you should try to keep all the simple lines and sober colors. That way your accessories and steel-colored details will look much more. But if it is not within your possibilities to change the environment, you should not worry, you also have the option of putting only a few steel, aluminum or tin accessories with which you will achieve the effect without spending too much. There are trash cans, ashtrays, lamps, all kinds of details in this type of materials. If you can have even a piece of this metallic material, much better. Your main alternatives are aluminum, stainless steel and special varnishes.

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