Decorate with metallic details

The metal accessories they are part of contemporary housing design and as such we can find them incorporated in different styles and in very different ways.

Metal details 1

Since furniture flanges (methacrylate or glass tables covered with metal) up to lamps , under this form they are usually the most usual in the halls of the houses, or in the bedrooms of the same ones.

Metal details 2

The metallic details in the accessories that populate a house introduce an undoubted urban style, very current . We find them in furniture , of course, but also small day-to-day accessories, like alarm clocks, wall clocks, lamp feet, photo frames or decorative letters to put on the mantel of an office .

Metal details 3

Metal details 4

In the kitchen , the metallic details are fused with the accessories of these spaces, creating different reflections in the space.

Metal details 5

With these small accessories will dynamise the space of any home environment , accompanying them in very different styles. The metal s e complements perfectly with rustic styles where wood abounds and, of course, with one hundred percent urban environments.

Metal details 6

Metal details 7

Metal details 8

Hanging metal lamps on a office of wood (first image) or on a classic bedroom (bottom image), all a successful style:

Metal details 9

Also the metallic shines of the wall combine and play with the brightness of the lamp.

Metal details 10

We can use larger accessories or mini accessories with a unique metallic effect, the final brooch to create style in each room.

Metal details 11

Mirrors, ornaments and sculptures ... the metal fits perfectly and creates a hallmark of its own.

Metal details 12

Woods bathed in gold and, of course, woods bathed in silver, all these accessories are great to highlight stylized decorations in each space.

Metal details 13

Metal details 14

Metal details 15


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