Decorate with industrial style details

By industrial style you have to understand a style of modern home decoration, where the spaces are covered with load-bearing walls, bricks, columns and another series of visually attractive details. We show some ideas for those who want to give their home some industrial nuances, creating spaces much more spontaneous and with a different air.

Industrial style details 1

For example, these lamps hanging on tables and other areas are a good model of industrial style lighting. They are exuberant pieces, more typical of a factory or an old workshop than a house of the 21st century and, nevertheless, they help to give that sought-after touch of interiors that combine improvised elements with a classic beauty.

Industrial style details 2

Walls of load with bricks exposed to the human eye, ladders of hand and another series of decorative objects typical of a warehouse exemplify this tendency to which the owners of lofts already converted in exclusive dwellings for urban spirits are already pointing.

Industrial style details 3

More details that can transform your home: posters, pictures and sheets of drawings, large slates on the wall, beams, furniture relics and mostly gray tones.

Industrial style details 4

The aged wood is another added value to create industrial spaces, like this kitchen with incredible details of both composition and accessories.

Industrial style details 5

Industrial style bathroom, with a rustic atmosphere very successful. The vintage pieces and the exposed architectural details help to recreate a style that wins the more you deepen it.

Industrial style details 6


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