Decorate with imagination and little money

The small details encourage and give a new perspective to any decoration. Decorative objects that are easy to obtain and that, with an easy and fast set-up, will renew our decoration without having to spend a lot of money. Here we present a few examples of decorative objects adapted to become renovating elements of any decoration.

Decorate with little money 1

An old chair with a good paint job will become a distinctive touch that will highlight the rest of the room where you install it. Upholstery is only a matter of cloth and a few staples.

Decorate with little money 2

These paintings will draw a lot of attention wherever you hang them, their preparation is simple. You will need a few frames with glass, some pieces of paper decorated to frame under the glass and on it some pieces of decorative polyurethane frieze.

Decorate with little money 3

If in any of the rooms of your house you have a difficult corner like the one in the photo above, you can take advantage of this solution. Wallpaper from the floor to the corner ceiling to create a uniform and more integrated environment in the room.

Decorate with little money 4

The drawer of an old piece of furniture can be used to create a magnetic board in an easy way and with a great decorative result. You will need a sheet metal cutout the size of the bottom of the drawer and decorated paper to cover it.

Decorate with little money 5

Among the many things that can be framed are fabric scraps. Choose beautiful designs that you like and matching frames.

Decorate with little money 6

When you have an old piece of furniture with glass doors, you may hate it, although now you get a lot, simply because you see everything inside. It is easy to get a bit of intimacy by lining the inside of the door glass with fabric.

Decorate with little money 7

An old terrestrial globe that no one uses anymore can become something new and different. A centerpiece made with a hemisphere and a candleholder. Simple, easy and economical.

Decorate with little money 8

Transforming a bedside table or any similar furniture is very easy, just by lining the front of the drawers with decorated paper you will get an elegant transformation. You can use removable spray adhesive and you can change the paper whenever you want. To protect the paper you can give it a coat of clear polyurethane varnish.

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