Decorate with furniture that never goes out of style

Often, when we have to furnish a house we ask ourselves the same question: "What to put so that in a while I do not see it out of fashion and I still like it?". The answer is simple: use wooden furniture with straight or modern lines, or lacquered furniture with a classic cut.

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When using this type of materials, it does not matter if what we are going to furnish is an apartment with modern materials in the center or a classic style villa in the countryside. It does not matter if you have smooth or stuccoed walls, because with a good combination of fabrics, textures and colors they will be whatever the style of our home.

The wooden furniture, natural or lacquered, never go out of style, and in addition, always bring warmth and make the house much more welcoming, but it is not convenient to abuse them; The trick is to combine.

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If we put everything in wood we will find a very loaded image and almost rustic, and if on the contrary, we use classic lacquered furniture will give us a very cold atmosphere.

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The success is in combining, using cozy, light and light colored fabrics if we are going to place furniture in natural wood, and we will use touches of darker color in the decorative elements such as rugs, cushions, or paintings, if what we like are the white lacquered furniture.

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If what we are looking for is a timeless result that is cozy and warm on a daily basis in our home, we will give it our own touch and the mix that sends our personality.

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A tip, if we do not want charged environments, or simply want to give this touch of classic look but without it being "out of place" in a modern environment, what we can do also, is to choose some unique piece in the room that we want to highlight. The bargueños or the individual Louis XVI type armchairs, always look good and resist the passage of time and any style. But Eye! We will not achieve this effect if we do not succeed with the fabric of this last element. We will use fabrics such as velvet or leather, which always resist over the years if we want a more modern environment, and floral prints for any country and classic environment.

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