Decorate with floor cushions

Large cushions arranged on the ground have traditionally been used in many cultures, in the countries of North Africa, Korea, Japan, India and many more. But in this current globalized world everything is connected and exchanged and it is no longer strange to use these functional and decorative complements in any type of decoration.

Decoration with cushions 1

We do not need to create a themed room inspired by exotic decorations to use floor cushions. We can have for example our living room in minimalist style and add some floor cushions around a coffee table. Simply we will have to take into account the general decoration to choose a type of cushions or another, so that materials and colors combine with each other. Although we can also use them as contrast elements and use traditional Japanese or Moroccan cushions.

Decoration with cushions 2

And of course if we like we can decorate a whole room in an exotic style where the cushions are unavoidable. We can create a living room in Moroccan style with its embossed leather cushions, lamps, coffee tables and more. We can also opt for an austere decoration in traditional Japanese style with its features and sober pillows. Or opt for any other oriental style where floor cushions are an important element.

Decoration with cushions 3

Both in online stores and traditional stores we can find a wide variety of floor cushions, we can choose between different fillings, feathers, foam, polyester fibers, cotton and others. There is also a wide variety of covers, textiles, leather and synthetic materials of last generation.


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