Decorate with ethnic accessories

Within any decorative style, the accessories and accessories play a fundamental role, because thanks to them we define a style, we polish it, we consolidate it. We refer to objects, but also nuances and textures, colors, shapes and appearances. Secondary details that help to renew a style, bring joy and color or enhance some element of the general decoration.

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The ethnic type details they are all those that we relate to a certain culture. Objects and nuances that tell us about a cultural legacy or a heritage, and that connect us with the rest of the world. In this sense, stylistically speaking, ethnic accessories can give a lot of play.

Ethnic accessories 2

What types of accessories or ethnic details can we introduce into the decoration? Fabrics, carpets, different figures and drawings are usually the most common. But we could also redesign a style by introducing some ethnic architectural decoration. A door, for example, decorated in a particular way, the way it was done in a specific place and time.

Ethnic accessories 3

Prints are other details that help define styles. Through these designs we can stylize a carpet, an armchair, a cushion or bedding. The plates, pictures and drawings on the wall are other accessories of the most common ethnic type, with their representations of figures, stories and scenarios that remind us of a specific cultural event.

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Vases, crockery, sculptures, pendants, photographs ... There are innumerable ways to introduce all the beauty of the ethnic within the decoration, personalizing it and even updating it, as when we use ethnic elements in a chic environment, where modernism and tradition give the hand.

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