Decorate with dried flowers in vintage style

A simple and inexpensive decorative good idea. Dried flowers have always been used to decorate homes in winter when fresh flowers have finished their life cycle. We can take advantage of the season when our garden or our pots are full of flowers to dry the best specimens and decorate our home with them in winter. There are different methods to dry flowers, using different products that help to dry out or naturally by means of heat. An interesting method is the sand drying that you can see here .


With some singles bouquets of dried flowers and some old images You can create real vintage flavor decorations. Do they bring back old memories like me? You can also achieve a decoration of clear romantic air, in fact dried flowers can serve us to decorate in any style or almost.


It has this decoration made with clusters of dried flowers, photos and the odd old object , a certain mysterious air. Maybe it's only because of that mystery that still life transmits. A few dried flowers are actually inert objects captured in their vital splendor, like the photograph of a deceased.


Do not let yourselves be carried away by my necrophilous side, in fact your house will be filled with a soft aroma if you hang a few bouquets of dried flowers or if you make an arrangement for a centerpiece with a good assortment of the most beautiful products of your garden. Is a way to perpetuate that adorable spring that we all carry in the depths of our hearts.


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