Decorate with dried flowers

Some people do not have enough time to devote to the care of natural plants, but are not willing to give up the beauty they provide.

Decorate with dried flowers5

In this case, dried plants and flowers are a very successful solution.
They grant us a beauty similar to that of natural plants, although less changeable and less alive. The dried flowers do not get exactly the vivid color of the natural as the tones are more muted, more moderate.
They are ideal in spaces where it is not advisable to place natural plants, as in the rooms. But we can use them in the rest of our home and even to decorate the exterior in case of a special occasion.

Decorate with dried flowers

Decorate with dried flowers2

The dried flowers create beautiful centerpieces and bouquets that remain unchanged with the passage of time. If someday we are bored, we can redo them and include new elements, or simply replace them with others. They can also advise us on their composition and their distribution in space. The possibilities are unlimited, and we must experience them.

Decorate with dried flowers3

Decorate with dried flowers4

In conclusion, what you should do is:
  • Use dry plants in spaces that do not allow natural plants, such as rooms.
  • Take care of them and clean them often. In this way they will remain in perfect condition for many years.
  • Redo often bouquets to renew their appearance and even change the container that contains them.
What is not recommended to do:
  • Use dry plants as a substitute for natural ones. It is advisable that whenever you can use natural plants, as these provide incomparable color and beauty.
  • Buy a bouquet of dried flowers without taking into account the combination with the colors of the space where you will place it.

Decorate with dried flowers6


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