Decorate with collections and unique objects

Sometimes we make an effort to have an original decoration in our house and we spend considerable amounts of money when we have the solution very close to us. Surely the most or least collect some thing even if it was informal or someone in the family and we have everything well stored in boxes. Well there is nothing more to unpack those boxes that keep old objects and dispose us to place them in a prominent place in our house.


Any collection will serve us and we can order it both by shapes and colors and with a simple staging we will have resolved the decoration of that corner that resists us.


And when we do not have any collection at hand we can simulate it as in the example in the top photo. The silhouettes of the members of the family in the nineteenth-century style will cover a good wall space in an elegant and economical way.



Examples and styles are for all tastes, from the most baroque to the most minimalist. Introducing a piece of furniture or an old decorative object into a modern environment will create a wonderful contrast that will enrich the decoration without recharging it at all.


Stacking is an art and if you can stack a few books along with some characteristic objects you can decorate a room easily and quickly.


The singular, rare or striking objects are also a good decorative trick. A unique painting found in a flea market, elegant and curious lamps next to the tassel handles in the metal furniture make this decoration a perfect example of the good use of peculiar objects.


As we are seeing in recent times the combination of antique furniture in environments decorated in modern style is a good formula to decorate with originality and character.


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