Decorate with cloth ribbons

On some other occasion we have already told you about the decorative virtues of cloth tapes , is a very easy way to create contrast and provide a note of color. With cloth tapes we can transform the appearance of a piece of furniture or improve the design of a tablecloth or a curtain for example. The truth is that cloth tapes have great potential and allow us to make great transformations and improvements with very little budget and without major complications.

Decoration with ribbons 1

If you are tired of the anodyne appearance of a piece of furniture you can transform it completely with a wise combination of colored ribbons. This black table has been reconverted simply with the addition of those beautiful colorful ribbons.

Decoration with ribbons 2

Here the neutral chair has been given a little joy and at the same time it has been coordinated with the auxiliary table. The lampshade has also been animated with ribbon cutouts. It is easy to make a personalization of this type by fixing the cloth tapes with double-sided adhesive tape. Now we will try to find adhesive tape that is valid for fabric and that does not leave residues in case we later want to remove it.

Decoration with ribbons 3

Another example of integration, the table, the chair and the frame of the wall have been decorated with matching ribbons. It is thus possible to create a combined environment with great ease.

Decoration with ribbons 4

Decoration with ribbons 5

The tablecloths are ideal for personalizing with fabric ribbons, as you can see with just a few ribbons they gain a lot. We always have to leave smooth tablecloths to decorate with ribbons.

Decoration with ribbons 6

The chairs are also a good element to transform with cloth tapes, it is a bit more complex but it is still simple to do. First we will plan the decoration that we like the most and when we are sure we will fix the ribbons together with a few drops of fabric glue.

Decoration with ribbons 7

With tape or simply with strips of colored fabrics we can create a spectacular curtain like this, tying the strips of fabric to a curtain rod we will have a decorative element for our windows.

Decoration with ribbons 8

This brown ribbon with the details of the curtain print is ideal for collecting it. A good idea that has both a practical and decorative use.


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