Decorate with burlap

Burlap, jute or simply sack cloth is a decorative element easy to use and that will bring a rustic and vintage touch to our decoration. Ideal for DIY projects because of the ease of use and the basics of the finishes. Being a coarse fabric does not require fine finishes, anyone can work with it.

Burlap for vintage and rustic style 1

Some covers for cushions made with burlap sacks are very easy to make, maybe the hardest thing is to get the bags because they are not used as before. But surely we can find some rakes or decoration stores, even if they are reproductions. You only have to cut and adapt them to the mediates of the cushions that we have, the seam is of the most basic level because of the thick fabric of the jute fabric.

Burlap for vintage and rustic style 2

In craft stores we can find burlap cloth of different sizes, we can cover with it a crown structure and make cloth flowers with fabric cuts. Easy and very decorative.

Burlap for vintage and rustic style 3

A table runner with dyed burlap cloth is very easy to make and as you can see in the image above it is very good. Cut the fabric to the measure that we need, dye it with fabric dye, following the instructions of the manufacturer and ready. We will have a really original and practical tablecloth or table runner.

Burlap for vintage and rustic style 4

Art for the wall with burlap cloth is another of the decorative possibilities of this material. We line up a canvas, a wood or any square or rectangular object and add a letter on stamped cloth. A fantastic combination and a tremendous simplicity.

Burlap for vintage and rustic style 5

To trim the seat of an old chair we can use a piece stamped from a jute bag. The visual impact is very large and we will have a wonderful chair to place in the hall for example.


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