Decorate with bookstores at home

The bookstore or bookshelf has always been a classic in the houses, whether there were rooms or rooms created especially for them and for reading or not. But nowadays bookstores, whether we are amateurs or not, are used to decorate, and are now called: shelves.

Decoration with shelves 1

When there is no space stipulated for reading, we use them in environments such as the living room or dining room, integrating them with the rest of the furniture. In this way, we make this piece fulfill the function of supporting books or any decorative object worth its salt.

Decoration with shelves 2

There are firms in the market that tailor them, in any way, color or material. This turns them into pieces of the most versatile and protagonists of the environment.

Decoration with shelves 3

They are a very useful resource both in large spaces and in small spaces, and well used, they can fulfill the function of separating rooms for open or lofts.

Decoration with shelves 4

A bespoke library with a good design, it can be made of a partition or wall between different areas. An open bedroom and living area, or the separation between a living room and an office.

They are the perfect piece to separate environments without obstructing and visually closing the space.

Decoration with shelves 5

The great thing about these elements is that we can really do them to our liking and need, whether we like modern environments or prefer a little more classic, or we are more lacquered than wood.

These pieces will fit well with any shape or material we give you. And also, a very personal and sophisticated touch to our home, because in it we will place the objects that we want our guests to see.

Decoration with shelves 6

Finally, a very useful idea is that they are a wonderful storage space in the home, and if we use it, spaces that are also closed, we can use it as the main piece of furniture in our living room or dining room and we gain space and solutions.

Decoration with shelves 7

I hope these tips are useful for you. See you soon.

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