Decorate with beautiful pastel colors

Forgotten by the designers during these last years, perhaps by the absolutism with which they have turned on the Nordic styles, the pastel colors seem that they want to resuscitate. In reality they have never disappeared since the public least influenced by the avant-garde has always had them in mind. The manufacturers have released a very wide range of colors in pastel tones that even allowing to establish a neutral base for the decoration allow combinations of colors without shrillness.

Decoration with pastel shades 1

Pastel shades create luminous and neutral environments on which we can design very different environments. They admit combinations with powerful colors like black and sweet combinations of different colors. The designer Laura Fulmine has used in this dining room the classic Wishbone CH 24 chairs by Hans Wegner but painted in different pastel colors. To break the monotony of soft tones, black lamps and centerpieces have been used.

Decoration with pastel shades 2

For the bedrooms they are a very suitable option, they are relaxing and discreet colors that create quiet spaces that invite to rest. Small dares as painting the moldings in a color other than the neutral gray of the wall is possible without stridency with these soft tones, like the yellow of this image.

Decoration with pastel shades 3

With the pastel colors we can dare to try ideas that maybe with other colors or we would be able to pose. How about painting the radiator in a pink color like the one in the photograph above?

Decoration with pastel shades 4

An atmosphere can be sophisticated even using pastel shades, combining sweet colors with geometric patterns in the prints of fabrics and carpets and introducing furniture with strong personality.


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