Decorate with accessories in blue

The color blue It is a good bet in decoration. A color that positively influences the mood and in which we can recreate at the time of dressing quiet environments, with a halo of romanticism and classicism. We will know how we can use accessories in blue to give the rooms of our house a new look.

Decorative accessories in blue 1

Living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are filled with complements in shades of blue to intensify different environments. Some combinations of colors that can be tested are blue and gray, for more intimate or neoclassical environments; blue and toasted tones, a good option to create cool environments; and the always infallible blue-white tandem, a clear bet for bedrooms of all types and for all ages.

Decorative accessories in blue 2

Decorative accessories in blue 3

Taking advantage of furniture in blue tones and adding accessories such as cushions or lamps in this same tone, you can create fascinating compositions for all types of styles, even if what you want is to have a room with a more modern look. Blue adapts to all kinds of styles and prints a very personal character to each trend. A unique color that enriches every corner and illuminates with its presence.

Decorative accessories in blue 4

Decorative accessories in blue 5

To avoid oversaturating a specific area of ​​the house with blue, it is best to opt for lighter tones and combine them with a couple of more colors. The cold tones provide that necessary tranquility for, for example, the bedrooms, being an interesting option when it comes to renovating the decoration.

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Decorative accessories in blue 7

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