Decorate with accessories in black

The black It is a color that prints style and character. Just as white, its opposite, brings luminosity, black is the one that stylizes and highlights different details within a space. Both colors work perfectly together, since they complement and contrast; We often talk about them as yin and decorative yang.


However, along with other tones, or by itself, the black color can also highlight and beautify the spaces of the home. Here are some ways to decorate using accessories in black , touches of this color nuanced through different objects or patterns.



The black color can work in any room of the house as a decorative complement, from the hall to the kitchen, passing through other everyday places. And in what way can we introduce this color without saturating the chosen style? Using a piece of furniture painted in this tone (a sofa, a table, a docine cabinet) even by means of other smaller objects, such as the frame of a picture frame, an ashtray, a rug, the lampshade, etc. .


It is a color that allows us to play with different combinations and create different contrasts that enrich the decoration and tint, as we said, the style of the house. Look at this bedroom, where the black dots on the bedding and other surfaces are perfectly integrated into the space and introduce a very enriching contrast, although white is not the only color with which we can recreate this type of game chromatic, we can create it with many other colors.


A simple object decorated with this color inside a room may be sufficient to provide that elegant nuance, without the need to look for saturation. This has been done in this bathroom, where the bathtub makes a difference and introduces that point of sophistication that is often necessary and definitive to create style.



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