Decorate with accessories and industrial objects

The industrial is increasingly present in our lives. It can be a complete house, built inside a loft, or different accessories that make our lives easier For an object to be considered as industrial style , it has to have a main characteristic: to be functional rather than decorative.

industrial style accessories 1

In decoration trends are alive and move, change and merge with each other, that's why the industrial is more fashionable than ever. The urban character of these pieces have made them very everyday objects. The industrial accessories they are practical by nature, and with them, utility is sought before beauty.

industrial style accessories 2

Among the manufacturing materials of an industrial accessory we find, mainly, steel, wood or glass. If we want to add a light industrial style to the house, we can incorporate factory-style shelves, large unadorned wooden surfaces, metal lamps, different glass objects ...

industrial style accessories 3

industrial style accessories 4

In the industrial there is a nuance also of antiquity. An old piece of furniture, for example, can be a perfect industrial accessory to incorporate into our home, within that concrete taste to create vintage atmospheres. Old wooden chests, old stools, telephones or radios relics of past decades ... all these objects can add a unique personality to the home.

industrial style accessories 5

Lovers of the most sophisticated and extreme decorations can incorporate own structures of the house as complements of daily use. For example, convert the skeleton of pipes into the best shelf for the living room, like the one in this last proposal:

industrial style accessories 6


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