Decorate with a bouquet of succulents

Among all the ways to include a green touch in our decoration, this may be the easiest, most comfortable and practical one. With this bouquet of succulents we do not have to worry about whether it has water or not or if the petals fall that can stain the furniture. We simply prepare it, place it in the place we prefer, and after a month we can plant the cuttings in the garden or on the terrace.

Decorate with succulents 1

If we have a good assortment of succulent plants in our garden or terrace we can take advantage of them to clean them or simply download them a little when they get too big.

Decorate with succulents 2

We will only need some gardening scissors and some thread or string to tie the bouquet. We will cut long stems of our succulent, one echeveria in the example, and then

Decorate with succulents 3

We will remove the side branches. We have to leave the long stems as clean as possible and the leaves of the upper end or at most the upper branches.

Decorate with succulents 4

We will tie the stems tight with a piece of string or thread, so in the upper part we will have a compact bouquet that will be very decorative.

Decorate with succulents 5

Once we place it in the vase chosen for the bouquet it will not need any care. We can forget completely because we will not need water and even then it will last a month or more.

Decorate with succulents 6

As you can see in the image above is important the vase we use, the succulents are not very striking in terms of color generally, so we will need a beautiful vase that combines with the rusticity of the succulents.

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