Decorate windows with vinyl or paintings

The windows also lend themselves to be decorated, either creating special corners next to them or taking care of the crystals themselves. A recommended option for the latter is decorate the crystals with vinyl stickers or even paintings similar to tattoos, a really novel idea with amazing results.

Decoration of windows 1

They are very practical proposals to animate this part of the house to which usually does not usually add any type of decoration.

Decoration of windows 2

To decorate the crystals with tattoos, you must have a special water-based paint on hand. The brands "Fun and Fancy" y "Glass Tattoo" of Marabu Creatives , for example, for sale in craft stores. These are paintings resistant to sunlight and heat that are applied on a plastic, template-like surface. It has a gelatinous texture that does not drip, so the task of painting the windows will be quick and not cumbersome. Although you should let them dry a minimum of 12 hours for proper adhesion to the surface of the glass.

Decoration of windows 3

Decoration of windows 4

The stickers of "Forwalls" With drawings of animals, flowers and colorful scenes are ideal for decorating the windows of children's rooms. They will love being surrounded by these cheerful drawings and the decoration of the room will be more colorful.

Decoration of windows 5


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