Decorate vessels with stones and gems

Thanks to the so-called centerpieces we can have inspired corners decorated with the minimum. Water, flowers, candles, stems, stones and gems ... there are many elements that we can use to create these tiny decorations that provide a note of detail in different spaces: dining tables, shelves, bathroom furniture or, of course, for set parties and outdoor celebrations. On this occasion we have chosen decorations of vessels with stones and small gems . There are many and very different ways to use them.

Vases decorated with stones and gems 1

In a short time you can create beautiful decorations and, above all, economic. These proposals can give you an idea of ​​how to decorate with few elements and in a short time. Fast, easy, cheap and designed for all possible decorative styles. Crystal and stones, a tandem that continues to work perfectly in the home.

Vases decorated with stones and gems 2

This original proposal tells us how to use stones to decorate the base of some lamps. Modern and exquisite decoration for those places that need a different decoration and little recharged.

Vases decorated with stones and gems 3

More and more people are signing up to this trend of decorating all kinds of containers (jars, bottles, tube glasses ...) with small stones and gems. We can use stones of many colors and shapes; buy them by weight in jewelry stores or collect them from a garden; combine them with water; and even use perfumed bath salts and pearls (oil beads, for example) specific for foam baths.

Vases decorated with stones and gems 4

Vases decorated with stones and gems 5

And many more ideas: necklace beads, buttons, glass beads, painted stones ... Take good note of these little ideas because they will help you decorate all kinds of home environments.

Vases decorated with stones and gems 6


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