Decorate Valentine's Day with balloons and garlands

Among the many ornaments with which you can pay tribute to Cupid , god of love, we find decorations as fun as balloons and the garlands . With this extra help we will give a ludic tone to our celebration as a couple and we will make this a surprising and fun-filled evening.

Details of Valentine 1

The passion red, the main color of the Valentine's Day , is present in these little details, like this bed adorned with heart-shaped balloons. As simple to carry out as you can see. We can also fill the house with red balloons, as if it were a surprise birthday party. A great option to celebrate as a couple or with friends.

Details of Valentine 2

Details of Valentine 3

With the garlands we can create a unique atmosphere for our party. We can make them from paper, fabric, cardboard, silk ... And put them in strategic places in the house, including our bedroom headboard. Join these decorative ideas and celebrate a Valentine's Day for everything high!

Details of Valentine's Day 4

Details of Valentine 5

Details of Valentine's Day 6

Details of Valentine 7

Details of Valentine 8

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