Decorate the walls with graffiti

The graffiti they constitute one of the maximum expressions of urban art. For their quality, many of them exceed the term "street painting" and are shown as authentic works of art, made with great professionalism. If you dare, now the graffiti They can also be on the walls of your house.

A good graffiti decorating a wall is the dream for those who want to decorate their house with a look different and groundbreaking. It is not something that we will find in many homes, so if you become a pioneer of graffiti, you will have at least a highly original decoration. Behind these murals there is a lot of technique and dedication. Some may take several days to complete. You can hire a professional to make one or dare you with the sprays. We show you some inspirations for all types of home stays.

Graffiti for room 1

The room is usually the preferred place to place these types of paintings. On this wall we find an incredible graffiti realistic of the streets of New York, as if it were an extension of the room itself. We can choose a mural that fills the entire wall or another that occupies less surface.

Graffiti for room 2

A spring-inspired painting has been the option for this office wall. Classic and at the same time avant-garde. Beautiful and without shrillness.

Graffiti for room 3

On the wall of this kitchen, instead of a painting we find a canvas with the classic signature letter of graffiti , also called "tags". Innovative and very up-to-date, the chosen colors combine perfectly with the kitchen.

Graffiti for room 4

The children's rooms can also be the setting to unleash all kinds of incredible creations. This mural with characters from Japanese manga will delight the little ones. Fantasy and street art together. Below, in this other bedroom for babies, we find a spectacular cinema graffiti. The vividness of its colors and the quality of the drawings are first class.

Graffiti for room 5


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