Decorate the wall with topetinas

You are thinking about changing the decoration of your kitchen or from that special corner where you do your daily tasks ??? You do not know how to do it without spending a lot of money and making it something original? Well here we leave an idea.

Decorate the wall with topetinas

With the current economic crisis, we must make the most of our skills and promote easy, fast and cheap ideas to keep our home always in fashion. That is why today we present an idea to decorate the walls with topetinas.
New and very easy to do, cheer up ... it will be fun!
To make this type of decoration, it is convenient that you paint the walls in which you are going to do it with a striking paint color in which the topetinas stand out. But to choose that color you must first choose the color and the designs of topetinas that you are going to buy. Only there you can decide the color of your painting.
To make this decoration, then, you need to have the following materials at hand:
  1. Topetitas (also called rubber stops) in necessary quantity and necessary colors.
  2. Wall painting (the amount of paint will depend on the surface to be painted) It is advisable that you do not do it on all the walls as well, but only on the main one of the room or the one you decide to highlight.If it is a single wall and it is not very big with a liter you'll be fine.)
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Wide brush
To start with this decoration you must prepare the wall of the kitchen or the place you are going to redecorate. To do this you must paint the color you have chosen or, if you are not going to paint it, you must clean it to be able to adhere the rubber bumpers easily.

Decorate the wall with topetinas 1

Next, you must take the pencil and the ruler and make the marks on the wall to locate a paper guard. Above that mold you must make the design with the topetines, so that you decide how you will locate each one of them and present them to observe how they are.

Decorate the wall with topetinas 2

When the design is ready, you must prepare the topetines, removing the paper that covers the glue. And then you must proceed to paste each of the topetinas respecting the design that you had already drawn. You will have to repeat the sequence of the design as many times as necessary until you finish the complete guard of the wall.

Decorate the wall with topetinas 3

Some tips given by specialists are that topetinas can be painted with synthetic enamel to make them match with the guard that you are going to make and the color of the wall. You just have to keep in mind, that in that case, you must paint them before sticking them on the wall.


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