Decorate the living room with the color marsala

Throughout this year you will have seen a lot of marsala color in fashion and decoration. This is because the rich Marsala was named the color of the year 2015 by the world authority on this issue. We want to bring you some marsala color notes for your living that will give you depth, elegance and sophistication.


This red is called Marsala by a famous Italian wine of the same name. It is an intense red with touches of orange and brown even on occasions. A color that may seem very classic but as you know everything vintage takes.


The marsala is a powerful and deep color with which we have to work with care. We will see examples of wide use of color but it will be normal to make use of it as a contrast with neutral background colors.


A good example we have here, a classic sofa upholstered in marsala fabric over a white and unfinished environment. A contrast that produces a great interest in space.




But the marsala can also be used in avant-garde and contemporary environments. A touch of warm color that stands out against the white background. A sofa, curtains, a pouf, any accessory or auxiliary furniture can be perfect in this color.


In a space decorated in rustic style, a classic sofa upholstered in marsala color will bring warmth and elegance. It thus becomes a piece of contrast that increases the interest of the rest of the decoration.


Although the thing is not here, the marsala can also be used to paint a whole wall for example. The result can be very interesting.


This color full of personality can be combined with others but we have to have the color chart handy. Blue can be an ideal companion for Marsala.


Logically, the gray, even the most intense, will also combine superbly as it is a neutral color.


The brown will also combine well with the marsala, two warm and organic colors that have many reminiscences in common.



Recreating a classic atmosphere or giving our living room a clear vintage flavor will be much easier with the color marsala.


An interesting color to take into account, and if you do not want to risk too much you already know that textiles are our best allies when it comes to decorating. Some cushions, a plaid, a carpet, the curtains ... are ways to introduce color that are very easy to change when we no longer care.

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