Decorate the house with your Instagram images

Creating a photo gallery to decorate your walls with Instagram images can be a very interesting idea. If you love this application and its numerous and different finishes to treat the images you just have to print your photos of Instagram and create one of these photo galleries so inspiring. Maybe you think you do not have enough pictures on Instagram to create your own gallery but review it, we always have more pictures than we think.


You can also take advantage of this resource even without being in this famous application. You can print your photographs with those finishes equally. If you do not dare, you can order it in any photographer or photo printing business, nowadays you can do it online. Then it's about grouping by themes, colors, finishes or whatever else you like. And you can use very varied supports for your photographs. Here we have wood cutouts in different colors that help us create relief.


We can also choose a more classic finish with frames, which can be with a more or less pronounced mat. And you can decorate a hall.


Or a living room like in this example where the blue tones of the sea and the sky combine perfectly with the decoration of the sofa.


Another interesting factor is the size of the print. You can opt for sizes more typical of classic photographs or small size polaroid type that finally is the reference of Instagram.


These frames in natural wood or with some touches of color is also a good idea.


And if you want to create a more dramatic effect you can use dark finishes for the photos and frame them in black.


Another interesting idea is to print all the images together in a large support, poster type, frame it and hang it wherever we want.


Although you can also paste the images directly on the wall as if it were wallpaper.


Using cuts of wood or other material is an excellent way, as we saw earlier, to give relief to the images and make them protrude from the wall.


If you do not want to drill your wall like a Swiss cheese, you can use this resource that will also allow you to change the photos.


Here a lattice effect has been created by joining all the frames. An interesting grid effect to show off family photos.


As before, all the photos together, but in a big way. A good idea to create a focal point that nobody, of course, can avoid.


These small photographs are much more interesting with a large mat and a black frame that makes them stand out as they frame the look.


On this occasion the photographs have been printed in a larger size than usual and on a canvas type support. It's not a bad idea, it's really good.


As you can see, the possibilities are wide and the symmetrical effect is very successful.


Your little corner of work can also be a good place to decorate with this resource. The photos of your family will look much better in this original way.


Your Instagram photos and the washi tape can be a good combination. And of course economic and easy to put create your photo gallery on the wall.


Printing black and white photographs is another possibility. It achieves a more dramatic and elegant effect that will go well with any decorative style.

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