Decorate the house with old trunks

We have spoken on other occasions of how to recover vintage objects and incorporate them into home decoration. This type of objects contribute a lot to the environments, personalizing them and endowing them with a totally timeless style. It is the case of these old trunks , whose single presence is enough to beautify all kinds of corners, from bedrooms to living rooms. If you want your home to be more favored, we tell you how to do it in such a simple way that it will surprise you.

Old trunks to decorate 1

It is time to rescue the memories piled up in garages, attics and storage rooms, many of them belonging to other generations of the family. If they are badly damaged, they can be re-coated with a layer of varnish or paint, or sanding the surface. We can also get one of these nice bunkers in an antique shop or home things. They do not always have to be from other eras, a modern trunk, with a pop touch, will also serve us.

Old trunks to decorate

Turn them into bedside tables, coffee tables for the living room or coffee table, are some of the incredible options that these trunks can remember. A couple of stacked vintage suitcases can also serve as a bedside table, and if you do not look at this innovative proposal:

Old trunks to decorate 3

Superimposing several trunks of different sizes gives us this picture so beautiful and romantic at the same time.

Old trunks to decorate 4

Trunks animate corners, fill the space with its simplicity. If we fill them with cushions, we can have a nice piece of furniture for the hall. Any idea that comes to mind for them can be fantastic.

Old trunks to decorate 5

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