Decorate the house with neon accessories

The Neon colors They are fashionable and are an option increasingly used to decorate interiors or exteriors of the home. The energy that they give off with their bright colors makes the spaces look beautiful and comfortable, cheerful and with a casual style . We present some ideas to create more dynamic spaces using accessories and accessories in these colors.

Decorate with neon accessories 1

Stools, chairs, tables, cups, curtains, cushions ... There are many accessories that can be incorporated into the rooms of the house to create more refreshing spaces. From the designs of a tableware to vinyl letters on different surfaces, neon colors can be present in various ways, from small brushstrokes to decorating large surfaces.

Decorate with neon accessories 2

Combining these colors with each other results in more sparkling interiors . Canarian yellows and electric blues unfold perfectly on a white base in which there is no shortage of pink gum brush strokes (top image).

The energy of pink chewing gum conquers spaces and environments and makes them more attractive. The strength of yellow complements these sets by attracting more light onto objects.

Decorate with neon accessories 3

We can use thousands of complements in neon colors, like this bedroom for children where the strength of its color creates a very comfortable and lively space:

Decorate with neon accessories 4

Or we can opt for darker, but equally energetic shades, in green, burgundy red and sparkling blues:

Decorate with neon accessories 5

To finish, some spaces gain more the smaller the number of colorful accessories they present, like this small corner where the strength of yellow does not go unnoticed despite being a supporting color:

Decorate with neon accessories 6


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