Decorate the headboard of your bed with mirrors

Within the trend of decorating the house with Mirrors , we found a good option to beautify headboards : place large mirrors on the headboard of the bed. It is an original, simple and creative way to decorate the bed and illuminate the bedroom. As we already know, mirrors expand dimensions and play with spatial perspective. With this idea, the room will have a spectacular appearance.

Mirrors for the headboard of the bed 1

Depending on the model of mirror that we use for the headboard , we will obtain different effects. Considering the type of decoration, we will choose the most appropriate model in each case. It is time to go to the storeroom and rescue those furniture that, old and outdated, or believing them little useful, we have cornered.

Mirrors for headboard of bed 2

Mirrors for headboard of bed 3

Mirrors for headboard of bed 4

A mirror vintage It can be very practical for a more intimate and less modernist decoration, while the wide and functional mirrors, without frames or ornaments, better combine with rooms with more current and basic airs. With small mirrors placed in order, we will also achieve an excellent result.

Mirrors for headboard of bed 5

Mirrors for headboard of bed 6

Mirrors for headboard of bed 7

Thanks to these headboard mirrors, we will resize the room and focus attention on this point. With old mirrors, Renaissance and Baroque forms and golden frames, you can get great solutions. We will give more personality to the bedroom. With a small light bulb whose light is reflected on the surface, we will obtain a perfect illumination for intimate environments. A perfect proposal to give a new tone to the bedroom, the most economical and practical.

Mirrors for headboard 8

Mirrors for headboard of bed 9

Mirrors for headboard of bed 10

Mirrors for headboard of bed 11


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