Decorate the entrance to your house with Christmas lights

Christmas is coming one more year and what better way to give it a bright welcome. With these ideas to decorate with Christmas lights the entrance to your home you can create a Christmas atmosphere to suit you choosing the options that seem most interesting.


This classic, restrained and elegant decoration will look good on any porch similar to the one pictured above. It is very easy to assemble and of course it will not take us too long.


We can continue decorating the railing with garlands and lights following the same pattern if we see that space allows us. The main idea that should guide us when we use lights for Christmas decoration is not to overdo it.


But there are more ways to put lights around the house, if we have garden or patio we can hang some wicker baskets like these to which we will add garlands of lights.


In the same way we can take advantage of some pot or planter to form a typically Christmas decoration based on plant elements to which we will add a few lights.


Led lights allow us to use long strips of lights without the problem of consumption or excess power. In addition we can find garlands of led lights in a huge variety of color, shape and size.


We have talked about moderation but that is a totally subjective point of view and you can install as many lights as you like. Trying to keep at all times a certain coherence between the space to decorate and the number of lights.



The garlands of lights allow us to highlight the decorative compositions. Up the small tree on the wheelbarrow is great with some lights and the lamp below with a garland of lights inside is also a great idea.


This particular idea seems very original and ingenious to me. Three crowns with garlands of lights in different sizes make up a schematic but very decorative snowman.


These simple gift boxes with bows and lights are a very simple solution that we can easily prepare. They have a good impact and are very decorative.



Finally we have left these examples of super-elaborate light decoration that surely many people will like. Of course striking are enough.


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