Decorate the dining room with three colors

Choosing the colors to decorate a dining room is not a superfluous matter. On many occasions we decided to opt for one or two protagonist colors, complementing them with some nuances and textures that give more style to the decoration of this space. The decorative possibilities are, as usual, endless.

Full color dining 1

Today we bring you the possibility of decorating a dinning room from three colors , protagonists of the same space. Let's see how to give life to very different styles with color palettes also very different.

Green, blue and white: three colors for a classic proposal with a retro point in its details. We see how blue is more present in accessories, while white materializes through furniture, and green in chairs and wall paint, creating a balance between these three ranges.

Full color dining 2

Orange, white and green: in this case, the orange color stands out above its companions. The white prints the necessary light and the green is recreated in the small details, complementing perfectly in a fresh, informal and retro style.

Full color dining 3

Blue, red and yellow: three colors that print joy in an atypical dining room, with a mix of very attractive and natural styles. A small shade of green joins the spectacular environment created.

Full color dining 4

Yellow, white and black: romantic and sophisticated, this dining room bases all its style on the contrast created between very different color ranges. We see how yellow brings all the necessary light, while white and black give it that sophisticated touch so grateful.

Full color dining 5

Green, pink and blue: three soft ranges for a dining room with a simple style that wins thanks to the small and careful decorative details. This time the style is defined with subtle brush strokes, a magnificent idea.

Full color dining 6

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